Outsourced IT Management

In the IT industry, technicians & business owners are privy to large amounts of wondrous software.

 Here, at Jasper Computers, we offer dedicated IT services to all our customers & we also understand that not everyone understands computers as well as we do. Which is understandable. Newer computer technologies emerge every day & it can be hard sometimes to keep up. Not everyone is computer savvy but with the services of a reliable IT company, you wouldn’t have to be. Software exists that allows IT technicians to remotely access your computer to remedy any existing problems. 

One of the most revolutionary services we offer our clients is our remote support services. Here, at Jasper Computers, we try to empower our clients with our winning IT services & we also educate our clients on how to operate their computers & servers in the most efficient, effective way possible. Not everyone, however, owns the savvy to understand computers or to operate them &, for this reason, we offer remote support to our customers. 

Remote desktop support is a downloadable program that allows our technicians to remotely access your computers from our head office. This helps our technicians to use our superior IT technology in our workshop to access your PC’s & exact repairs when needed. Instead of visiting your premises, our technicians can remotely access your computers, thereby exacting repairs more quickly & efficiently & eliminating the need for an on-site visit. Of course, we schedule monthly on-site visits to ensure that your systems work correctly but remote desktop support saves you time & allows us to access your systems to exact repairs. 

IT can be a challenging industry to understand but it is a very necessary industry. For your business to operate smoothly & efficiently, you will need computers & servers &, as mentioned previously, you don’t need to understand them. Not if you can bank on the services of a reputable IT company &, here at Jasper Computers, we continuously build on our successful reputation. Our comprehensive services are very customer orientated &, with superior IT services & exceptional customer care, we will soon empower you with computer knowledge.