Why Jasper Computers?

Rapid response time to network emergencies.

As a client of ours under contract, we guarantee a rapid response time to network emergencies. We also offer Remote Monitoring to prevent problems before they interfere with your business.

We are far less expensive than hiring full-time computer support staff.

It is very difficult to attract & retain an engineer at the level needed to maintain & support a sound networking environment, not to mention expensive. By outsourcing your support to us, we can save you thousands on hiring, salary, & benefits & still provide the appropriate level of expertise warranted by the situation.

We listen first, & offer solutions second.

We listen to you explain the concern, check the symptoms & diagnose the situation. We offer our proposed remedy, but will also provide options & the risks associated with each. We work with you as a team to resolve the matter.

We guarantee to provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

As a business, we understand the importance of keeping overhead costs to a minimum. That’s why we require that all of our engineers/technicians are trained to find the least expensive solution to your problem without sacrificing quality. We never charge clients for expensive upgrades, hardware, & solutions that aren’t 100% necessary.

Our Call centre speaks in English, not in Technical jargon.

For your organisation & ours to build a successful relationship, we must be able to communicate & understand each other. Our team is taught to use easy-to-understand analogies when explaining computer concepts. We want to make sure you understand the issue, as well as the options so you can make informed decisions based on your priorities & budget, not because we are trying to keep you in the dark by dazzling you with acronyms.
We give flat-rate project pricing.
Unlike other computer support companies that give you an estimate with an hourly rate for unexpected circumstances, we offer our existing clients one flat rate for a project & guarantee to deliver your solution without charging a cent more. This gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t end up with an invoice 2 or 3 times more than you anticipated or getting hit with hidden charges or extra hours.

We practice what we preach.

We invest a lot of time & money staying abreast of technology so you won’t have to. We also use the same technology & products internally that we recommend to you. This allows us to develop efficiencies & standard configurations & streamline our services, which ultimately results in you saving money.