Since the day computers became available to the masses, the IT help desk has been aiding the novice public to the ever evolving technology which is the computer and its many quirks. With the computer revolution in high gear most people are left intimidated and confused by computer irritations and traditional manuals simply overload you with technical jargon.

If your computer has freezed in the midst of installing software or you have painstakingly created a document and deleted it with the accidental click of a button or are merely unable to retrieve important mails, you need help- fast. Our IT Geniuses trace the real and potential problems offering rapid response and forward thinking preventative measures, ensuring your IT solutions work optimally.

Our tailor-made packages ensure a needs analysis is done with call in telephonic support, or remote desktop support, where needed. If your business is between a 50- 100 user network with any pc related issues within the Gauteng area; compromising of any hardware, software, cloud, adsl, server or network issues and need support on call without the hassles of an inhouse IT Manager - you need our Outsourced IT Management Solution. 

We start the process with a site visit or audit where you will become familiar with at least two of our highly specialised Engineers to establish what your needs are and deal with more important issues as a priority. Once your needs are clear we will establish whether telephonic or remote assistance will be needed and act on it accordingly, minimizing downtime and cutting productivity loss. Our technicians can securely connect to your computer and diagnose, troubleshoot and solve problems from our support centre. We will also analyse if any 3rd party software is involved in the process such as Pastel and derive a suitable problem solving solution to getting you back up and running in no time.

Our disaster recovery plans making your PC problems a thing of the past. Experienced and reputable Jasper Computers are renowned for our Private Cloud Outsourced IT Service including:

  • Complete server solutions (including configuring the entire server system and implementing systems including Back Up Servers, Data Servers, Mail Servers, DNS servers and the like

  • Network Assistance including creation, installation and maintenance on local area networks such as 3G, ADSL, Wi Fi etc

  • Our technical support team including on-site support, remote, telephonic and hardware and  software support

  • Management of anti-virus and spyware protection.

  • Microsoft patches and service packs monitored, downloaded and installed by us.

  • Data backup to your own servers and online to a secure data centre.

  • Spam control, to reduce the nuisance and wasted time caused by unwanted email

  • Network point installation consisting of installing and replacing worn or damaged cabling

  • Fibre Optic installation consisting of linking multiple buildings

With Jasper Computers you get immediate computer support services, whether you need help installing a new program, or just have basic questions needing speedy answers. What•s more, our highly trained and experienced technicians can perform routine maintenance on your computers, minimising any interruptions to your work. By relying on us to handle your IT headaches, you can focus on running your business and not your technology.