SLA Outsourcing

When it comes to reliable IT services, as a consumer, you have many options. There are many companies you can choose from & many services you can take advantage of. But the quality of a company isn’t measured by its services but the quality of those services.

You can believe the promises of any IT company but, if those promises aren’t backed up by actions, then of what use are they? Often, the SLA (Service Level Agreement) offered by these companies aren’t worth the paper it’s written on.

But, when it comes to Jasper Computer IT services & SLA outsourcing, you would have no such qualms. Here, at Jasper Computers, we offer sustainable managed IT solutions & our SLA’s hold’s many benefits.

Apart from offering the best IT services in the industry, with an SLA from Jasper Computers, instead of calling many different parties when a problem arises, you have the convenience of a single reference point for all your IT issues.

Our SLA covers telephonic & remote support from a call centre staffed with qualified engineers & technicians ready to answer whatever technical queries you may have. Also, we offer monthly site visits to ensure that your systems is always on the ball.

Regardless of where you are, in the event of a network breakdown or any other problems, our rapid & secure response is rated as one of the fastest in the industry & we draft an extensive disaster recovery plan for all our SLA clients.

The best type of maintenance will always be preventive maintenance &, here at Jasper Computers, that is precisely the maintenance methods used by our technicians. We maintain your systems in order for them to work continuously.

All of our SLA services is fixed at a never-changing monthly fee, meaning that regardless of the services we render, you will never pay more than the agreed monthly fee with no hidden costs & no back taxes.

So, this only goes to show you that, at Jasper Computers, you & your business take centre stage. We excel at superior customer relations. We have to. How else will we maintain our reputation for efficiency & expediency?

Outsourced IT Support From A Company That Actively Reduces Downtime & Saves You Money!

We have provided companies across South Africa with professional, reliable IT Support & Managed Services since 1996. We understand that IT should optimise your business, not slow it down.
Outsourcing your IT Solutions to Jasper Computers means you’re able to focus on the important things in your business. We’re the experts in finding faults, designing systems & implementing IT Outsourcing solutions for your company.
We’ll make sure you have the best IT Outsourcing Solutions helping you increase productivity, cut costs & access the latest technology.

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