Server Solutions

As a business owner, I’m sure you can understand the necessity of computing power & what it could mean for your business. With lots of potential customers, one computer in your office is simply not going to cut it. To be effective business-wise, you’d have to have several computers assigned to several tasks for your business to flow. Once you start dealing with several computers, it would be smart to start looking at server solutions. Essentially, servers help to handle large volumes of traffic. 

There are different types of servers used for different types of applications. If you’re looking for server solutions, you would need to know what you need your servers to do.

Some servers only handle data while others are meant to protect your security systems. In fact, these days it’s almost impossible for a business to not have servers performing some function in regards to the business’ operations. Well, when it comes to superb server solutions, you can trust Jasper Computers to see you through. Since our inception, we have focussed on becoming the top provider of server solutions in the Greater Gauteng area. Regardless of what type of server you need, we set up your entire server system, front to back, & won’t leave until everything works like it’s supposed to. With regards to after-sales services, we’re considered to have the best in the industry.

Having servers is all good & well but who will monitor them & who will maintain or repair them? 
Well, if you bought your servers from us, we will provide the best server solutions which include monitoring & preventive maintenance.
Smart server solutions could greatly increase your businesses’ productivity.
After all, the internet is a global community. Just imagine how many potential customers you could reach with more computing power?
At Jasper Computers, with our superior server solutions, we can make it happen


So, call us today & one of our engineers will come & conduct a free audit to show you exactly the type of server solutions that will improve your business.