Systems & Network Analysis

Tired Of Fighting an Everyday Battle With Your Network & Server Instabilities

It's not as complicated as you might think, but the results of any analysis can help you understand what software & safeguards your business might need. Putting these in place help to prevent possible system failures.

Here at Jasper Computers we use a system analysis tool. This helps us to determine if your:

• Computer systems are running efficiently
• Software is up to date
• Systems are secure from any outside influences
• If sufficient backups are in play in case of a system crash
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Our System Analysis

We're passionate about IT Solutions & we organise our auditing services around 3 R's; Reliability, Recovery & Redundancy.

Our system audits will tell you exactly what you need to make your already profitable business a financial success.


Get your system audit from Jasper Computers, a leader in IT Solutions!


Maintaining the security, reliability & recoverability of every computer, every server & every program in your business!


Our system analysis will determine if your computer systems are running efficiently, your software is up to date & your systems secure.


The reliability of your computer systems is of the utmost importance. After all, without them you won’t be able to run all the necessary admin & payroll that your customers & staff depend on. A pervasive system analysis can determine the reliability of your systems & a Jasper Tech focuses on every computer, every server, every relay & every printer in your business.


Recovery is also a very important aspect of every Jasper system analysis. Accidents will happen & although we can certainly guarantee you no problems from our end, we can’t predict the future, no one can. Being able to recover the data you’ve lost in order to keep running efficiently is very important to you, & to us.


Redundancy is also an important aspect of any Jasper analysis, particularly hardware redundancy. We can determine where your systems are the most vulnerable & suggest additional hardware. An extensive system analysis will help us determine what hardware back-ups you need to make sure that you stay profitable.

Cost-Effective Systems & Network Analysis.