Cloud Servers

Cloud servers: store your data

Why rent a cloud server for your business?

For several years now, an alternative has been offered to companies: that of renting a cloud server to store and back up data. Depending on how it is done, it is possible to have these servers installed directly in the walls of the company, or to rent storage space from the host. But why choose this way of doing things?

Improved security

By adopting the services of a cloud server, you significantly increase the security of all the data you pass through. It is indeed much easier to protect the data contained on a single cloud server rather than on each of the computers in your company.

If you create or pass sensitive data, or simply want to protect yourself from any possible intrusion attempts, adopting a cloud server can be a solution. If you want to further strengthen the data security of your business, you can also choose to adopt fibre optic for business if you haven't already. It is much more efficient, and more secure, than the Wi-Fi connection .

Benefits of renting a cloud server.

Lower the costs

The first advantage of renting a cloud server is its price: when a company decides to take the plunge, it only has to pay for what it consumes. There is therefore not a single regular billing like a subscription, but rather an adaptable rate that depends on the use of the cloud server. For those who have a limited need for this type of service, but still want to adopt one, this is a great way to save money.

Adaptability of the offer as needed

As explained in the previous point, the cloud server offer adapts to the needs of its user. Therefore, it also adapts when you grow: you can create a new space for a newcomer, reduce it when you don't need everything you can enjoy and so on.

For example, if you are a merchant site that expects an upsurge in incoming data when the right season is in full swing, you can increase the size of your cloud server, and thus improve its data processing speed.

Data security

As explained above, renting a cloud server brings data security benefits to your business. Data storage spaces are responsible for the data that you entrust to them by placing it on their cloud servers, and are therefore constantly modernizing to avoid any hacking attempt.

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