Network Solutions

Network solutions: host your company

Benefits of network solutions.

For all business owners, the main goal is to promote productivity and reduce costs. It is therefore essential to determine the means to optimize your time and reduce unnecessary expenses. To this end, adopting a computer network instead of a personal computer is proving to be a very effective solution. Many advantages are brought by the establishment of a computer network.

Help with data management

You can have company documents on a file server instead of having them on each employee's computer. This helps to organize documents better: every time someone changes something in a file, it will also be in the file server and everyone will have the same updated copy. Isolated backups of each file are not necessary as the system will do this on its own. Access to directories can also be managed using passwords.

Data sharing

In a network system, it is much easier to share data than in individual computers, where you must use a USB cable, or flash drive. When computers are networked, documents can be found in the file server and anyone can access them, as long as the access is available to everyone. So, you no longer need to transfer your files to a device and then go to your colleague's office and let them transfer the files from your device to their computer. It saves a lot of time.


Because the files are on a server, no matter what computer you are working on. You can start working on a document installed at your desktop and finish it after going through three different computers. The result will be the same and everyone will be able to access it.

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